Sunday, May 8, 2011


60mm MPC ring hand soldiers.

They can have the gear, some clothing and weapons changed around.

There were good for more of a role playing game because you could switch out the equipment.

They had a lot of accys, including tools.

All these figures in one pose and they are all different.


Bob G. said...

I would LOVE to find some of the gear these soldiers had available.
I have some helmets and a few carbines, but none of the pistols and definitely no grease guns (and to think of the ones that "went away".
MARX had a great assortment of weapons that came with their Battleground playsets like the BAR and the .45.
All well-rendered.
Be nice to find some place that sells them for a REASONABLE price, too.

Good stuff.

My favorite pose was that running soldier.
And I REALLY miss having those MPC PT boats...excellent play value for the money back then.

Carry on.

Bunkermeister said...

Some of these guns are the Marx, maybe even re-casts. I saw the PT boat on line a while back as a recast, it was about $25 I think.