Monday, May 16, 2011

Big Heads

Twilight Creations makes this game about statues on Easter Island and shooting rays out of their eyes. It was on sale and came with plastic statues that were about the right size for Classic Wargames so I got a box. After opening it I inspected the contents and tossed everything but the Moai statues.

There were seven dark gray and seven light gray statues, all just alike. They were one piece plastic figures. Some of the ones on the island were full bodies like this one and others were just big heads.

Here is a look at two dark ones and one light one, pretty nice detail all the way around.

I picked up a few others from Amazon that are the Desktop Heads of Easter Island, in a resin stone type material. Four different versions of them, they mix nicely with the plastic ones I think.

A couple adventurers lurking on an unknown island of statues...

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