Sunday, May 15, 2011

Luftwaffe Ground

When there were not enough planes, aircrew sometimes ended up as infantry. I had several WWII German aircrew from an HE-111 and made them into infantry.

This guy has used a parachute pack as a back pack and I have added various Preiser and Esci bits to make this guy an infantryman. I added a water bottle, ammo pouch, gas mask canister, mess tin, rifle and e-tool.

This prone machine gunner has a machine gun from a Nitto 250 halftrack, I added a bipod and took the saddle magazines from the aircraft model.

These guys were machine gunners from the same HE-111 kit. I also added e-tools to these guys, I had four of them. I also mounted them on styrene bases.

By utilizing these "waste" figures from the "junk & spares" box I added six new infantrymen to my Luftwaffe Field Division that are unique and free. Since German squads generally had one or two machine guns per squad this gives me enough machine guns for a platoon and two men to use as squad leaders or even the platoon leader.


Mojo said...

This is a funny idea!
I like it :)

Cheers, Mojo

Bunkermeister said...

I just don't like to waste figures in the spares box.