Sunday, September 26, 2010

War Machines

I first heard about this Batman Happy Meal toy only about a week before the promotion ended. I was lucky enough that a friend of mine was able to get me three of them before they were all gone. My friend, my wife, my daughter and I must have gone to 30 MacDonalds looking for these. As a result, I hit the eBay auctions and one or two at a time the Martians built their forces. The mother lode of one auction of 10 and another of 5 really helped out. The goal was to get 27 war machines.

This shows a Twilight Creations, Martians! 1/72nd scale soft plastic figure on the leg of the war machine. This is right out of the package, and just deploy the legs.

A close up view of the torpedo. My plan is to disable the launcher and use this as the heat ray.

Saucer section with Martians! inspecting the unit.

Underside of the saucer section. This just snaps in place on the center of the legs. It moves left, right and up and down. I got so many of these things on eBay I am sure I drove the worldwide price up by 50% or more. Postage was just as much as the item in most cases, which was why I got multiples from the same seller whenever I could.
Martians do everything in threes. Three Martians is a squad. Three War Machines is a platoon. Three platoons is nine War Machines for a company. Three companies of 27 War Machines makes a battalion. If I could have gotten a regiments worth, I would have, but I am very happy with what I got.


Karcuss said...

I don't think you are happy (as in context to this), as in with 27 you are mildly content (Just!!)
Just don't have a Walking U- Boat... And I hope i didn't just give you an Idea!!!!

Nice Work

cheers Ksrcuss

Karcuss said...

And is that a HQ of three and three companies of six in two platoons of three! I thought it was threes all the way (nine in a company) Or Maybe the Martains have trouble as well doing full TO&E.

cheers Karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

Martian walking U-Boats are organized in Wolf Packs of three...

Bunkermeister said...

No HQ in Martian TOE.

Since WOTW George Pal movie, 1954 was based on Cold War fears, the Martian "Camrades" only have soldiers, no officers.