Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saucer on the Steppe

The lieutenant knew that the war on the Russian front had not been going well. Years ago they conquered these lands and now they were being forced back towards Germany. He deployed his troops to cover the flying disk. He knew there was a good chance this was another terrible weapon the Allies were deploying to destroy his country.

The armored car and the tanks were welcome additions to his tiny platoon of infantry. Maybe they could capture the craft and turn it against it's former masters.

The troops waited, surrounding the saucer and wonder what would happen. The tension was running high but after years of combat in Russia these men were all professionals.

A mighty Tiger tank had the craft in it's sights. The lieutenant wanted to wait for an indication that the craft was enemy before he shot at it. There were many rumors of wonder weapons and he did not want to be the one who destroyed a German secret weapon. Still, most of the new weapons he had seen of late were Russian...


Karcuss said...


Nice work Bunker

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Bunkermeister said...

Thanks Karcuss!