Tuesday, September 21, 2010


With the presence of the Fuhrer, the men break ranks and run towards his large Mercedes.

The lieutenant was glad to see that this was not another enemy. It was obvious that the Martians, for lack of a better term, were showing respect to the Fuhrer. Once again he had formed and alliance with a powerful ally.

The lieutenant knew now that this new weapon was very powerful and would be the decisive factor in this war.

The troops were very relieved that this flying disc was not going to be an enemy. They were happy to see their Leader, a rare event after so many years of war.
The lieutenant now knew that he would always remember this day in March, 1945 as the turning point in the war...
Saucer by Pegasus Hobbies, Martians by Twilight Creations, Mercedes by Hasagawa, tanks by Roco, German Paratroopers by Caesar Miniatures. Photos taken with a Kodak EasyShare Z915.

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