Saturday, September 11, 2010



Starguard is a set of miniature wargaming rules written in 1974 and still in print today. They simulate warfare in the future in space between Earth and a number of human and alien allies and enemies. These are some of those characters. The Automatons that I have commissioned are designed to operate in this game environment.

Eli Commando: The Eli was an advanced race who is devolving. Most off then no longer have space faring abilities. They raid others and take their loot home.

Ralni: A lizard race that has a small population. As reptiles most humans don’t like them much. Their social status is determined by the number of subordinates they command, so they are constantly raiding and fighting each other and other races to gain power and prestige.

Dreenoi: Hive mind, sentient, humanoid shaped insect forces. They fight all human and many other mammal and non-Dreenoi forces.

Terellians: Low population humanoid worm like creatures who are enemies of the Dreenoi forces.

Necromorphs: Zombie type soldiers, controlled by a control box that “operates” them. One operator can control multiple Necromorphs.

Terran Forces: The humans who make up Earth and most Earth colony forces.

The new figure line that I am commissioning will be designed in part to work with these rules and figures.

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