Friday, September 10, 2010

French and French

Pegasus WWI French with Caesar Miniatures WWI French. You can see the sizes are very good together.

Most of the WWI French can be used as WWII French as WWI kit and weapons were still in use in WWII. The Pegasus WWII French are, of course, the same size as these. It has taken Pegasus years to bring these to market. At one point the figures were almost ready to be sent to the mold maker when they discovered a huge error in the web gear and uniform. So they changed the masters and that delayed production at least a year.
Since most large figure companies don't have full time employees, but rather contract the master sculpting, mold making and actual production they are at the mercy of those contractors. Sometimes they work very closely together and sometimes they have very little contact with each other. These figures are great and they should be in stores by the end of the year.


Karcuss said...

suppose you can mix and match some of each (??rifle) to get a good WW1 and good WW2 mix of poses etc

cheers karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

While I did not try that, with the glueable plastic that certainly would be easy. The poses between the two Pegasus sets are similar, but by swapping weapons you get the uniform variety of the WWI kit vs the WWII kit.

Uwe said...

Pegasus WW1 French? It seems I have missed something.

Thanks for reminding me!


Bunkermeister said...

Yes, Uwe, WWI and WWII Pegasus French. Both are great.