Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hobby Tools

For many of my resin and soft metal models I use five minute epoxy. It is slower than CA type glues but much stronger. I cut up small squares of aluminum foil and fold them in two layer and then fold over the edges so that they are more rigid.

For regular styrene models I use Model Masters glue. The Testors clear plastic cement is gap filling and I often use it as a putty. It's very fast.

Zap-a-Gap is the CA I use. It has gap filling properties and dries very fast. Sometimes I use it to tack parts together and then use the epoxy for a more permanent bond. Notice too that the glue is inside a small plastic box. I use them to hold glue and paints so that if they are knocked over they spill inside the box, if at all.

I use cutting mats as my work surface. In fact, I often use multiple layers of cutting mats. It allows me to make deep cuts without danger to the surface I am working on. I also use small mats that allow me to keep the larger, more expensive mats, from getting damaged when I am painting, cutting or sawing.


Bob G. said...

VERY informative...learned a lot about adhedsives.

I'm an old tube glue guy...LOL
With some filler putty once in a great while.

Bunkermeister said...

I use a lot of different glues for different stuff. Maybe an article just on glues...