Saturday, September 25, 2010


1/72nd scale Martians! From Twilight Creations. They have a sort of Mars Attacks 1950's sci fi look to them that I love. The Martians do everything in threes, that's why there are three poses. Three Martians! is a squad.

A nice size comparison with the Italeri US Army set, 1/72nd scale plastic. This will make some epic battles. Twilight Creations should make the Martians! available in bags of 100 figures for about $10 later this year.

Everywhere you go there is hobby potential. These are Batman, The Brave and the Bold, Black Manta Sub-Launcher, MacDonalds Happy Meal toys. They are shown here with the three Twilight Creations Martians!

Take off the outer plastic bag and spread out the contents. A set of pre-assembled legs, instructions and the saucer, still inside the inner bag.

The concept shown in the instructions. The saucer fits on top of the legs. The torpedo fits inside the upper structure and with the press of a button it launches clear across the room. If the room is a very small hamster cage.
Notice it has three legs. The Martians! do everything in threes. Three Black Manta; I mean Martian War Machines is a platoon.


Bob G. said...

You never cease to amaze me with the stuff you find...

Nicely done!
(darn shame I didn't get to McD's lately)

Carry On.

Bunkermeister said...

Before I post anything I always ask myself, "Self, will this amaze Bob G.?" If the answer is "No." then it does not get posted.