Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wargame Photos

Many years ago we played a NATO vs Warsaw Pact type wargame at my Wargaming Place. This photo shows my wargame table with storage shelves underneath. The cardboard boxes have since been replaced by plastic underbed storage boxes. The vehicle are an Armourtec T-62 that has been hit and black cotton balls have been placed on it. A Roco Minitank T-34 recovery vehicle conversion is attempting to repair it. Trees are Roco and others, terrain is Geo-Hex.

An overhead view of the same table. HO scale train tracks, and the asphalt road is made from roofing shingles cut to size. Cheap, durable and since they are asphalt they really look like roads.

The table is covered with indoor / outdoor carpeting. The church is a paper building, the bridge is by Bellona Battlefields.

A Roco M42 Duster followed by an Abrams attacks a Soviet attempt to deploy a bridge over the Bellona Battlefields stream. The BTR 152 is by Roskopf. While a bit underscale the Roskopf Soviet vehicles were very good wargame pieces. Strong, easy to put together and cheap.

Various American armor from Roco, M113, and M88 enter the table from the edge of the board. Bellona Battlefields dragons teeth along the rail line. The brown circles are craters from 155mm artillery strikes. You can also see part of the book collection in the background. Recently this was moved to the Library room.
I just had a couple thousand photos digitized and will share more of them in the next few years. They include many actual vehicles as well as many old wargames. I like to take photos of the wargames so I can see how far we have come when looking back on them years later.


Jim. said...

I remember the Church. It was right across from the national police HQ. The head of the people's revolutionary forces hid in the porch the whole game.

Bunkermeister said...

Jim played in this game. He hyjacked a bus too.