Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Missiles

The fuel for nuclear missiles is so toxic that they have to use these space suits when they are working around it.

Another view of the truck. When taking vehicle pictures, to 45 degree angle views are the minimum. I also like a side view and front view too.

This plain old standard family van is another Air Force vehicle. Another use for a standard civilian model. Check those model railroad stores for HO scale versions of vehicles like this.

This is the inside of the missile silo. Very cool, and all in a nice pale green and light gray.

Another view of the command center. Photos like this enable the model builder to make unusual subjects for wargaming. During the Cold War there was always the fear that Soviet commandos would raid the missile silos and try to disable the missiles. They had military police on site to prevent this from being successful. To lightly armed elite forces fighting it out over nuclear missiles. Esci, Italeri and Caesar all make good troops to try on a scenario like this one.


Karcuss said...

I did the Roco version of the Chevy UTE (Australian) pickup, and jacked it up. i think i have the remains of MY Roco venture which is a box load of Bradley's and M113 and odds and sods. If so will post it on 1/87 group as well as Bradley Mortar and a M113 with Bradley turret.
An idea from and for the game Twilight 2000. which had two books on
U.S army and WARSAW pact (or was it just Soviet) and had some art work and got the blood boiling with ideas for post Nuclear war stuff that lovely mid 80S era

cheers Karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

I loved Twilight 2000. They had neat stuff.