Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I just finished this book. It is a political, social, economic history of World War Two. The author talks about several of the little wars, border skirmishes that lead up to the invasion of Poland by the Germans.

They discuss the propaganda that both sides used to try and influence the folks on the home front. With the War on Islamist Terror the propaganda war information was very timely to me. The importance of propaganda is too much underestimated today.

Armageddon, The Reality Behind the Distortions, Myths, Lies and Illusions of World War II by Clive Ponting. Random House, Inc, New York 1995.
ISBN 0-679-43602-2


Karcuss said...

Is it a 1995 book or reprint.
Anyway would do well on book shelf (or added to a pile of books, stack of boxes, mountain of magazines)
But the back jacket phot seems it is stuff, I already know.
But a good back up and there will be some stuff that will new or fire up a spark.

Bunkermeister said...

USA edition of a UK book, 1995.