Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Resin Gun Photos

My completed ArsenelM 170mm German artillery in a studio photo. An HO 1/87th scale resin, etched brass and aluminum kit.

The front wheel assembly. You can see the fine detail on the resin wheel.

Very nice view of the breech end of the gun. Note the etched brass walkway along the side and the detail parts. Some were left off for wargaming, too fragile, but it would make an even more detailed model.

An even better view of the etched brass. Glued on with superglue.

The gun in action with a crew from the Revell 105mm light field howitzer. These guys look pretty good with the gun despite the 1/87 to 1/72nd scale size difference. I got a bunch of these Revell kits just for the crews, horse teams and limbers.