Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sniper Fire

The sniper is a soldier who fights alone. He sits alone for hours waiting for one shot. One shot, one kill. His shot is long range and deadly.

The body of the "missing" soldier has been moved into an Armored Personnel Carrier. It will carry this Personnel for his last ride in an armored vehicle.

The Medics and the Padre accompany the body back to the base.

The body of the giant cat also takes a ride in an APC.

Through it all the Sniper sits, waiting. Waiting for the time when the next shot will present itself.


Karcuss said...

Don't trust that sniper
He is a good looking mould
does he have a history as in is he from the 60s, I never got into massed produced plastic 'toy soldiers' Only getting the large Airfix and Matchbox stuff' But the older ladies would buy me the bags of plastics ie 100 for $2 on the Supermarket racks etc. But i largely ignored them unless really good, And a lot were 20Th generation knock offs anyways.
But I like that sniper with his long scope and i assume a Springfield ex WW1

Bunkermeister said...

He is a good looking model figure. I got him on eBay so I don't know if he is a remold, or original but they were made in the 1960s.

Karcuss said...

He would be from the past (50s), shame because eventually would like to broaden out on a few things and i think he would well in as a Marine Sniper and or Korea. Will look for a bulk bag on E-bay (on the list of things to do anyway)

Bunkermeister said...

Try Toy Soldier HQ, search for them online. They have a good selection and great catalog of old used figures in that size.

Jim. said...

The actual figure goes back to the early 50s at least. I still have mine from about 52 or 53. He has been recast in plastic rather than in rubber. His rifle was originally a Springfield. It was changed to an M-1.

Bunkermeister said...

There were several versions of this figure from several companies. I think this is a recast of a 60mm Marx figure.