Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fidelis Models Motherlode

Recently I visited with Paul Heiser from Paul Heiser Models and Randy from Fidelis Models. Randy sent me a new listing of items he just got in stock. He has been going over his inventory and as he finishes a section he sends in a big restock order for various companies. When we are with Paul Heiser, Randy got bag after shopping bag full of Paul Heiser stuff. Wow.

The Hauler and SDV stuff is HO 1/87ths scale, most of the rest is 1/72nd scale. Check out his website and if you have a question, drop him an email.

Now he has gotten a shipment from the SDV boxcar.


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To find these specific items on our website, use the Search feature and enter the model number or description.
SDV #87055 Box Body Trailer, A3J3
SDV #87058 Armored Recovery, BTS 2
SDV #87061 Armored Missile Launcher, IT-1
SDV #87068 T-72A Medium Tank
SDV #87070 Tatra 815-7, 8x8 Cargo Truck
SDV #87071 T-72M1 Medium Tank
SDV #87074 Tatra T815-7, 8x8 with Container
SDV #87075 T-55S Tank with Reactive Armor
SDV #87081 Tatra T813, 8x8 with Container
SDV #87083 P15 Radar on Zil151 Truck with Generator Trailer
SDV #87084 Armored Rocket Launcher, TOS-1
Airfix #1716 US Marines, WW2 (1/72)
Airfix #1718 Japanese Infantry, WW2 (1/72)
Pegasus #7702 Russian Farm Houses (1/72)
Pegasus #7704 Russian 2 story Log House (1/72)
Pegasus #7651 US Army Trucks (1/72)
Pegasus #7672 BA-6 Armored Cars (1/72)
Pegasus #7673 BT-7 Light Tank (1/72)
Pegasus #7610 German Army Trucks (1/72)
Hauler #87088 Tatra 813 6x6 Wheels
Hauler #87089 Tatra 813 "Kolos" Wheels
Hauler #87108 Steering Wheels
Hauler #87109 Rearview Mirrors
Hauler #87110 Windshield Wipers
Hauler #87111 Reflectors & Backlights
Hauler #87121 T-55 Tank Detail Set
Hauler #87122 T-54 Tank Detail Set
Hauler #87123 T-54/55 Tank Tracks
Hauler #87124 VT-55A Recovery Tank, Detail Set
Hauler #87125 Soviet Patriotic Slogas, Decals
Hauler #87134 T-72 Tank Tracks
Hauler #87135 MT-LB Tracks
Battlefield Miniatures (20mm) - Late War US Infantry

Fidelis Models

Fidelis has been in business for over ten years and Randy is a good guy to deal with.


Karcuss said...

Just having trouble downloading the Battlefield Miniatures Catlogue from fidelis
Just checking Prices and as Battlefield seems to be re doing there range, The Polish Home army disapeared as did there jeeps.
They also did a lot of Feldpolizei and anti patisan units and some strange but interesting items which were in a catologue about 5+ years
Rad troops, Naval, Field Hospital etc.
So trying to see if Fedilis might have a lot of the older stock

Bunkermeister said...

Karcuss, send Randy at Fidelis an email and I am sure he will respond. He does have some older items in stock, but I don't know what exactly.

Karcuss said...

Thanks for the heads up,
also back in contact with Stuart at Battlefield Miniatures, Will keep you informed as there is about 60% on offer and trying to dig up an old catologue,
They did a massive amount of British Para'a and all sorts of jeeps. And the whole lot rear units Easten front etc. So wish to build up (again and) Platoon 20, F.A.A, Skytrex, SHQ, and WARMODELLING (and looking into Kelly's Heroes and Battlescape)

Bunkermeister said...

Yes, I have some of their Last Levy and various others. Good stuff.