Wednesday, September 9, 2009

17 cm

The ArsenalM HO scale 17 cm WWII German howitzer is a very complicated model. I have been making slow progress as I work on it off and on. It builds up to a very nice model, but the instructions are pretty poor. They are a series of line drawings and are very small. They don't show both sides of the model.

The resin is very well cast and the smooth parts are very smooth.

The etched brass parts add a lot of very fine detail. The barrel is turned aluminum. I found the barrel did not fit exactly correct and so I added a tiny bit of sheet styrene to hold it up a bit. You can see the white part in some of the photos.

This is a front view, the barrel would go down this hole.

This 1/72nd scale soldier is pointing to a tiny HO scale etched brass part.

Tiny parts like this really add to the detail of this model. More photos as I work on the model.


Jim. said...

Looking at the first couple of pics, I thought it was some Civil War cannon on one of those round, rotating platforms.

Bunkermeister said...

It is a very large WWII German cannon. It builds up slowly into a very big model, even in HO scale.

Jim. said...

I know, I have two in metal in 1/76th scale. Need a doorstop?

Bunkermeister said...

It is a nice gun.