Sunday, September 6, 2009

More Trucks

Germans in some parts of the war sent vehicles out of the factory in camouflage or in Panzer Gray, or tan, or even in primer red brown. After the vehicles were assigned to units, the unit would often repaint it to match local terrain.

These trucks are in an overall yellow color, very typical of late war.

Late war Opel Blitz van body trucks in late war tan.

Late war Opel, one tan with a green overspray camouflage.

The green one has tracks in the rear. Roco and Paul Heiser Models made excellent models of these trucks. Prior to those models being released we used to take the Airfix Bren Carrier set and remove the tracks from the carrier and put them on the back of the Roco Opel to get the halftrack version. The six pounder anti-tank gun in that old Airfix set was transferred to the American Army as the 57mm ATG.


Karcuss said...

Hey Bunkermeister
How do the trucks come up against well at least Pegasus and Italeri and Roden, as am staring to do a bulk load of softskins. trying to buy up all the Kubelwagens I can at some stage.
Also are the figures Preiser esp. the Mounted bloke

Cheers Karcuss

feel free to add my e-mail or contact me that way if you wish
Understand if you don't (just we are in the same yahoo groups etc)

Bunkermeister said...

Roco has upgraded their Opel trucks several times. The newest ones are as good as anyones trucks. Their Kubelwagon is essentially unchanged for the last 20+ years.

The Opel trucks in the photos are a variety of Roco from over the years. The newer ones have loads of detail parts and alternate parts that can be used to perk up the older ones.

All the figures are 1/72nd scale from Forces of Valor sold at K-Mart and Target stores amoung others.

Karcuss said...

it is obvious that K-mart and Target in the U.S.A are a bit different to the francise string which is owned by a company (or was Coles-Myer - or Myers ltd.). We don't get that kind of thing, but will chance a look.
But then there is at present a 1/6 Kettentrad and a Willy's jeep for $20 so thinking about that. they look OK but for mod for Dragon big fella's

Bunkermeister said...

$20 for a kett or Jeep in 1/6th is a good deal. We used to get some from Soldiers of the World and 20th Century Toys at K-Mart but not quite that cheap.