Thursday, November 15, 2018

Wargame Tables

When I spoke to my builder I told him I wanted my wargame basement to be lit up like a supermarket.

Here is the construction of the wargame tables.

My collection is in a couple hundred underbed storage boxes and so the collection will be stored on shelves underneath.

Here is Randy the Contractor building the tables.  He is building one table on top of the other because it's easier that way.

There will be a small support piece in the center of the shelves to help hold the weight of the boxes.  They get installed later.

Still lots of space in the basement.

First two items on the wargame table are a Tim Mee F104 and a F11 Tiger jets.  They are both just about 1/72nd scale.

The room is 60 feet long and the plan is to have two parallel tables, 44 feet long each.  There are walkways about three feet wide on both sides of the tables.  Tables are seven feet wide and 40 inches tall, with a four inch overhang around the edge.


Bob G. said...

That's coming along very well.
And it sure beats having a bowling alley

Carry on.

TamsinP said...

That basement is bigger than my flat! Oh, to have that much space for game tables and storage.

The table(s) look great :)