Friday, November 9, 2018

Guns and Spiders

Artillery and poison gas, great for the First World War.

The Strelets troops are British, but in a gas mask and greatcoat they look like Americans.

I use the gas trailiers as gas generators.  Not used as often as artillery because they really needed a favorable wind direction to deploy the gas on the enemy.

This spider is on my front porch.  He is the largest spider I have ever seen that was not a tarantula.  The body is at least one inch long.  According to the Allen County Cooperative Extention: "This looks to be a Yellow and Black Argiope garden spider. They will bite if disturbed but their venom Is harmless."  The builders say he has been around for a few days and they just leave him alone.  I saw him move, he is very fast.  I may have to rewatch Them! and the Beginning of the End for some tips.


Bob G. said...

DANG...that is one HUGE spider.

You must grow 'em big over in Kentucky, huh?
(don't send any my

Carry on

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

It's not as big as a tarantula but pretty close.
Locals call it a corn spider.