Saturday, June 10, 2017

MPC Figures

My favorite figures of all time are the MPC 60mm ring hand and slot hand figures.

I used the life vest and body armor.

They had at least three kinds of submachine guns.

Figures could be switched around, made for good role playing games.

This is a Marx SMG, most Marx weapons were smaller.


Bob G. said...

There was always a problem with the life vests - the ring for the head always seem to break off. Same for the "buckle" for the belts.
And once in a while. the helmets were kinds molded off-center".
But the weapons were really well done. Love the grease guns and .45 pistols.
(also, the cowboys had some cool stuff)

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

There seemed to be several versions of the helmet. Many would split when you put them on the troops. Too bad.