Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Soviet Bridge Launchers

More Soviet WWII tank collection photos.

I did a massive upgrade on my T34/76 Roco tanks.

I cast replacement hatches, and roadwheels, and bow machine guns.

Many were missing parts or had droopy cannons, and upside down cannons!

I also made a few more bridge launchers.

I made a simple bridge and added supports to the top of the vehicles, and a life ring on this platoon.


Bob G. said...

The REALLY sad part about all of this is that RoCo (now called Herpa) doesn't seem to want to cater to the serious modeler the way RoCo used to do.
Plus, the PRICES for these minitanks have become outrageous!

And that's IF you can find them.
Many model and hobby shops don't even carry them.
(not much even on eBay, either)
I'd like to see ALL the molds handed over to some company that WANTS to make the minitanks series again (in greater numbers) plus have them consider adding additions to the model line (from ALL eras)
Good number of T-34s you have.

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

G, I have good news for you. Several years ago Roco entered into a marketing agreement with Herpa to sell Roco Minitanks for them. That agreement is expiring and Roco is taking back the Minitanks line under their own name. The new vehicles will once again be sold as kits, in little cardboard boxes like they did 30 years ago for their M113, M106, and M577 vehicles for a short time. Prices are also expected to fall.
Look for this soon.