Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Panzer III Roco

I got a few Panzer III tanks that need some work.

Used Roco can be cheaper than the new stuff, I buy it all the time.

These were missing hatches, had damaged guns, and were missing some of the spare road wheels from the fenders.

I have built up a few spare parts and I was able to fix these three tanks.

Extra hatch from the spares bin.


Bob G. said...

Good for you for having the resolve to grab some RoCo minitanks.
(bet that parts bin is
What I still have (of mine) are almost ALL complete (some are still in the original orange/blue packaging - tells you HOW old they are).
Wish I could find some specific numbers from the old series, but they all seem to be discontinued, and THAT is the real shame.
Someone needs to step up, buy ALL the old molds from whoever (RoCo/Herpa) and REISSUE the lot of them.
There is certainly a market for them.
Plus, there are dozens of just WW2 tanks/vehicles that were NEVER issued and should have been.
(M26 Pershing, M24 Chaffee, M18 Hellcat, M3/M5 Stuart, any Japanese tank, the PzKw Mk 1 and Mk2..just to name a few)

Nice job w/ the "restores".

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

You are right on all counts Bob G.

My best friend Randy, at Fidelis Models keeps an inventory of used Roco in stock at all times. He may have what you are looking for; he's my go to guy for used Roco.

Check out his extensive HO scale military site, every vehicle you mentioned in made in HO in plastic or resin by someone.