Tuesday, June 13, 2017

60mm Ring Hands

Belt and SMG in a dress uniform, good for military police.

Rifle and life belt for the running man.

Two colors but four different accessories.

Group photo.

Gold, green, red, blue and many different accessories to make a lot of different troops.


Bob G. said...

I've always LOVED these guys.
And when they came out with the "running" soldier, he became my favorite.
(made a fine platoon leader or P.T. boat skipper...heh)
Wish I still had all the ones I used to have, plus the accessories.
The grease gun worked real well with the runner, but any weapon fit well on him, as did every accessory.
A shame the recasts are SO expensive (and accessories also, if you can even find them).
Those were times when imagination worked as good as today's moveable "action" figures.
MPC did real well with these classic troops.

Carry on

Mike Creek said...

You said it all G.