Tuesday, June 6, 2017

BMC / Lido Re-Cast Figures

As I kid I got these figures from Lido and several other sources.  Recently, I have been buying used ones on eBay and at toy soldier shows.  Now BMC has obtained the molds and is re-casting them as brand new figures.

These are 60mm plastic army men.

In a forty figure bag, you get four each of the ten poses.

Figures like this are made for outdoor play.

There is a tiny about of flash on these figures, but nothing substantial.

They stand up perfectly on a smooth, flat, level surface.

But they work best outdoors in the dirt.


Bob G. said...

Nowhere close to the MPC troops (and certainly not close to Marx), but they were a good "back-up" set of soldiers.
My only complain was the lack of a proper "stand" for them. They would fall over at the drop of a

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

These work best outside were they could be pushed into the dirt a little.