Thursday, December 8, 2016

Ring Hand Figures

Despite having 200,000 figures in three scales, the 60mm MPC ring hand army figures are my favorite.

Add a helmet, binoculars, and a belt and this rather plain GI is now an Army officer.

Add a long rifle and a life vest and he is a sailor.  We used the life vest as either a life vest or body armor when I was a kid.  And now too!

Helmet, carbine, and pistol belt.  These guys reminded me of those old 1950's science fiction movies were a small band of scientists, explorers, and soldiers and technicians went to the Moon, or Mars, or Venus and used WWII era uniforms and equipment.  Sometimes they blasted off into space and ended up back on Earth!

These troops came in several colors.  This gold guy is pretty rare.

I always liked the running man, he looks like he is really pushing through the pain.

Another pose, the walking man.

Marx did not make ring hand figures, but they did make weapons that suit these guys perfectly  Running man in red.

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