Thursday, December 15, 2016


The right tool for the right job.  This is an Olfa knife.  It is a snap off blade and very sharp.  The shape of the blade is similar to the #11 X-Acto blade.

Once my X-Acto blades get used a bit, I put them onto a metal handle and they get used for trimming soft metal, or other harsh materials.

My good blades I keep on a green plastic handle to identify it as a good blade.

I always keep a mighty host of blades ready for cutting on my workspace.

This is a light saw blade, perfect for a quick small cut when you don't want to break out the razor saw or if it's too big to fit into a tiny space.

The short angled blade fits into spaces that the #11 can't reach.

The chisel blade.

My full panoply of blades.  Each of them ready for use on my workbench.

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