Thursday, December 29, 2016


My "prehistoric humans" collection is getting some attention.  These tan figures are by Phersu Miniatures, they are resin in 1/72nd scale.  I have added a seated drummer and a standing man by Imex and Pegasus.  Many American Indian figures work well for ancient Europeans.

These tan figures are Barbarians by Esci / Italeri.  I added a few more Imex figures.  By added figures from other sets I can include more women and children and various weapons and equipment that the original sets did not have in them.

These gray guys are ancient Germans by Caesar Miniatures.  They were all male, so they got an influx of females and a few other bits.  I generally back dated them by removing shields and swords, but keeping clubs and spears and knives.

Phersu Miniatures makes these more primitive primates, I am not sure what they are supposed to be, but I use them as a very ancient, nearly extinct, hominid form.

Ancient pigs and cats, also from Phersu.  I added bases to all the Phersu figures because the tiny resin legs are fragile and this keeps them from being broken.

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