Friday, December 9, 2016

8 Inch Gun

Tootsietoy made a 155 Long Tom toy about 70 years ago.  This one I got on eBay.  I stripped off the paint, made some minor repairs, replaced the tires and repainted it.  I use it for my 1938 US Army.

I also got this one from eBay but the barrel was broken off and the back end was missing too.

I took a Roco 203mm cannon barrel and put it on the broken Tootsietoy to make an 8 inch gun.

I reconstructed the back end using sheet plastic.

This barrel is shorter and wider than the original.  The real Long Tom came in both 8 inch and 155mm versions.

Since I am using these for my fictional 1938 US Army, I only wanted one firing battery of 155mm of four guns and the damaged 8 inch


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

A fine job.

Uncle Brian said...

That is a really nice repair job! The refurbishments you do with these old toys (and newer ones too!) are quite impressive. Keep 'em coming!

Mike Creek said...

Thank you Service Ration.

Mike Creek said...

Thanks Uncle Brian. More to come.