Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lonely Outpost

It was a deep hole in a forgotten corner of the world.

The drill machine was removed a few weeks ago for scheduled maintenance, but would return soon to resume the drilling. It had already gone deeper than anyone had ever gone before.

The security team was necessary to guard the hole. Several groups had threatened to use terrorism, or whatever was necessary to stop the project.

There was a small housing section and the large electrical generators to power the drilling machines.

The security guards and mercenaries figured it was easy money, the worst part was the isolation. Being out this far was pretty dull. No one knew the danger would come from an unexpected source.


Mojo said...

You should pour some plaster in that blister-stuff! I think you could make some really fancy generators from it!
Cheers, Mojo

Bob G. said...

Those are some great photos...feels like I'm part of the "relief-crew" being chopppered in.

Carry on.