Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Deer Men

The Imex set Eastern Friendly Indians includes a woman with a bundle of sticks and a man with bow and arrow dressed as a deer. He is perhaps the most unique soft plastic figure ever. I intend to use some of them with my prehistoric men.

Using my cutters I removed the bundle of sticks from the back of the woman. I then glued the deer skin to her back so she appears to be holding it up above her shoulders.

This guy was from the Caesar Ancient Germans, originally seen on the right and the deer covered version on the left. I removed the sword and shield. I will probably give him a spear.

This nekked Caesar Ancient German with sword and shield has been transformed into a nekked preshistoric man with spear. Having teeny tiny drill bits and a pin vice allows me to make tiny ring hand figures.

Here is the group with a couple other guys from the Caesar Ancient Germans, one has a wolf's head on his head in the manner of the Romans. They make good looking "cave men" I think.


The Warrior said...

Dang, your ingenious!

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks. I just look at the army men and see what could be different and then make it happen.