Thursday, June 9, 2011

Figure Conversions

Woman in the middle has the head from the womanon the left. The figure on the right is the woman on the left, with the bags removed and a mans head added, making itinto a male figure, once the legs are swapped out. Note the buttons on the jacket, it's a mens jacket! Woman in the center has also had her umbrella cut off.

Man on the left is the orignial. Figure on the right has the head from the seated woman, making it into a female figure, with suitcase removed.

Same figure with a new head and big fedora hat.

Figure on the right has had the legs trimmed down to make it shorter, and a female head installed, making it a short female figure, suitcase removed too. Legs replaced with female legs.

Figure on the right is the original figure.
None of these conversions was difficult or time consuming.

Dapol figures are a soft styrene that glues very well.