Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another Big Haul

Mrs. Bunkermeister gave me $100.00 and told me to go to the hobby shop and don't bring any money back. I love her. This is the Imex Eastern Friendly Indians and Pilgrims set re-packaged as Billy V. They are cheaper in these packs than separate. The EFI will end up as part of my prehistoric people and the Pilgrims get sorted into several different guises.

The back of the package has a nice paper building model too. Pretty neat.

I got the 1/72nd scale Preiser Luftwaffe figures, some will end up in my embassy project.

Rumor is that they don't make the Boley horses anymore and so I stocked up on stock again.
While the package says HO they are really big and work great for 1/72nd scale.

While I was at Pegasus I got a set of Pegasus figures, fresh from the source. The Indians will mostly end up as Prehistoric people, the Monks as modern or at least WWII era Monks.


МаксимС said...

Hi! Excellent suites. A German pilots, whose work it? Mustangs are good too.

Bob G. said...

Judas Priest!

$100 bucks???
Now THAT is one helluva great WIFE!
You are indeed blessed, my friend.
And you got some nice items.

Carry on.