Saturday, February 17, 2024

The Return of Polly Pocket

About 20 years ago when my daughter was little girl I got her Mighty Max and Polly Pocket toys.
It seems that Polly Pocket has returned.
Now the playsets are in the guise of little houses or office buildings.
This one I guess is a toy store.
I think they are intended to fit several together.
And then you have a little shopping district.
At $8 this is likely the only one of the four I have seen that I am likely to buy.
The building is not bad but will probably get some modification before it is fielded.
The figure is about 1/72nd scale but the proportions are way off, however I think it will end up as a participant in the James Bond Jamaican Junkanoo festival.  What I really wanted was the teddy bear and the rocking horse.  They will make good furniture for civilian homes and for Santa's Workshop.

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