Friday, February 9, 2024

Penguin and Penguins

The Penguin.
I got this giant red penguin at Dollar General recently.
The Penguin super villain is 1/72nd scale, so about one inch tall.
The red penguin seems to be a hard plastic resin material.
It also comes in a greenish color.
They had three so I got three.  I think the green one looks a bit like ice.


Legion4 said...

Those must be Emperor Penguins ! They are Big MoFos !!

My alma mater, our mascot was Pete the Penguin ! We were/are known as the "fighting penguins" ! 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧

Simon said...

Are you sure these are not soap on a rope?
I wish you would stop buying items Made in China. Especially cheap plastic stuff.

jeigheff said...

I really liked Burgess Meredith's portrayal of The Penguin on the 60s Batman show.

Hwa hwa hwa hwa!

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Well Mr.4 these penguins certainly would be large enough to do some serious strength fighting!


Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Simon, they are not soap, when I first saw them I suspect they might be!
While my preference is to buy American, it is nearly impossible to do so in most categories of merchandise, especially cheap plastic stuff.

Thanks for reading Simon.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Burgess Meredith's portrayal of The Penguin is certainly my favorite Penguin also. I dislike the dark, dirty, depressing portrayals of many subsequent Batman characters of later iterations.

Thanks for reading.