Thursday, June 8, 2023

US Interwar Artillery

I got a book about US Artillery and found a few cool items.
One was an upgrade to the French 75, with pneumatic tires, and split trails.
The French did a similar upgrade to there's I have heard the US only used them for training.
Still it would work well for a War of the Worlds game, or maybe if the US got into ground combat sooner than 1943 against the Germans.
I glued them to these shield shaped bases out of sheet styrene.  It helps differentiate them from the regular 105mm on the trapezoid shaped bases.


Robert from Norwich said...

Great to see you back Bunkermeister! Also great that the old photographs have been retrieved, and the more recent "blocked" ones are now visible too - so lots of posts for us to catch up with now, from last September onwards!

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Thank you Robert.
I am also posting catch up posts from March to now. I never stopped taking photos so those will appear about one or so per day in addition to new new content.

Thanks for your help informing people of the problem.