Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Snow Shots

The prone guys are of limited utility.
But they are good firing troops.
It's also pretty cool that the Marx bazooka fits them well and being sort of off side the pose it right for  a recoilless weapon too.
The kneeling guys I have used for artillery crews and they work okay for that when you are low on small arms for them.
The five poses including two prone men.  It's a good selection I think.

Behind the scenes at this photo shoot.
The magic all took place on a space about 10 x 10 feet.  I put down a rain poncho and a little plastic foam padding for my elbows.  By laying down I can get those low angle photos and with a little bit of zoom I can get really close up.  I did move the poncho around and got photos from a couple angles.  When working in snow you really have to plan out the photos to avoid disturbed snow.

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