Monday, March 29, 2021

Tank Destroyer

I have no idea where these came from.
They have languished in my collection for decades.
They are resin cast M18 Hellcat tank destroyers.
Quality of the model is good, the casting is not very good.
I just recently spray painted them.  Only have two, not much of a company.
The bumps are epoxy resin I used to fill holes in the model

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banzai55 said...

Nice little models; these tank destroyers served long after the end of WW2 (not just hellcats, but the M36 90mm TDs as well), as military assistance to allied nations, some of which also received M48 and later M60 tanks as well; so it's not too far fetched to have them serve as overwatch for your m26, m46, m47, m48 or early m60 tank platoons-