Wednesday, March 24, 2021

M60A1+ by Roco

M60A1 with some of the detail kit added to the tank.
I like the searchlight.
Really makes a nice addition.
This luggage rack broke loose when I was taking photos1
I will have to fix it later.
Still looks good.  Later I will have to fill it with sleeping bags and such.
With little wheel.
Without little wheels.


banzai55 said...

A question about pieces and parts - I want to upgrade my zylmex M48s to M48A5s, by replacing the needle thin, easily bent 90mm gun they came with, with a 105mm gun and mantlet from an M60 tank; you seem to have access to all the good stuff; do you know anyone who sells, or better yet, makes pieces like that?? Also, anyone you know of selling replacement rubber tracks, for either the zylmex models, or the Tomy models, or, even better, the rubber/plastic tracks that came with airfix models?

I don't honestly care about the "upgunning" for its own sake; but just because the guns those models came with look like crap and ruin what is otherwise a pretty nice vehicle; my interim solution was to replace them with the gun barrels from an old "Iowa" battleship - they actually look pretty good, but are too short, and lack a fume extractor

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

I know there are companies that make after market parts for Matchbox and Hot Wheels. I don't know of any who make them for Zylmex or even Roco. I have been considering resin casting track replacements for the Zylmex and Tomy vehicles, but I am still looking at other options. I suspect maybe 3D printing would be the way to go. I am hoping sometime in the next two years to start a 3D printing project.

Unknown said...

Hi I should have some spare Barrels.... How many so you need ? G

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

That's a kind offer.