Sunday, March 21, 2021

M60A2 or No?

This is the front view of the Tomy M60A2 tank, without the tracks.

This is the MBT (MR) with 105mm gun.  It was essentially the M60A2 with a 105mm gun, just like the M60 and M60A1 carried.

Here is the Tomy model with a Roco M60A1 turret front installed and the M60A1 gun and M60A1 tracks mocked up.  The Tomy kit has return rollers molded into the metal hull so they will have to be removed or the plastic track will need to be cut.  I am considering cutting the plastic track so it will fit the Tomy hull and then casting a few copies so I can make several of these models without having to ruin a platoon of Roco to do it.
The intention was to have the heavy armor and low front sillouette of the M60A2 turret with a conventional gun.  They probably should have dropped the Shillelagh gun/ missile system and went with this instead.

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