Monday, March 8, 2021


M60A2 by Tomy.
The tracks we a very fragile, but highly detailed rubber, they broke and disintegrated pretty quickly.
The Roco Minitanks version of the M60A2 tank.
Roco sold the turret as a separate piece, you had to have the M60 tank or buy one.

 The Roco version was much new, at least ten  years after the Tomy kit.


banzai55 said...

All the Tomy tank models were great (except for the stupid tracks); much nicer than the comparable zylmex or imex models of the same tank; the only manufacturer that I think was "better" are the Marklin "4MFOR" models, now being manufactured by Schuco, but they are exponentially more expensive.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

I don't have any of the Marklin kits, but I agree about the Tomy, I really liked them. More about them soon, including some interesting conversions.
Thanks for reading Banzai.

banzai55 said...

I only have two Marklins (M48A2G2 version, with thermal shrouded 105mm guns and the cupola replaced by a MG3 - super detailed, but without actual rolling gear (fixed plastic treads like the Roco models). But really, really expensive, relative to anything else.