Saturday, January 13, 2018

German Bofors 40mm Gun

 After I came across this picture on the Internet, I knew I had to do something about it.

 Then this model came out!

WWII Bofors guy by Zvezda, in 1/72nd scale soft plastic.

Just as Caesar Miniatures released 1/72nd scale German Anti-Aircraft crews!

So I built the kit right out of the box and instead of the British crew, I used Germans.

The kit is excellent, like is usually the case for Zvezda.  It fits together well, and takes regular model glue perfectly.

After the Caesar figures are washed with soap and warm water they take gap filling super glue just fine.  If you don't wash them, the glue won't hold.

The Caesar figures come with sheet plastic, with punch outs to make the bases.  I scruff the base up with a sanding stick so it's not so shiny and glue the figures down with super glue. The clear also had some odd clear plastic film on it, I peeled that off before use.

My plan is to give my Germans a battery of four of these guns.  The British crews will likely be transferred to the American Army for the Interwar period.  There are two different seated figures.  I put a drop of regular model glue on the seat and a drop of gap filling super glue on the figure bottom and the combination seemed to work.

The Germans captured them in Poland, France, and Norway and used them both on land and on sea.  They also manufactured a few near the end of the war.

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