Friday, January 12, 2018

Red Box Italian Sailors

Red Box Italian Sailors from the 16th to 17th Century.

In 1/72nd scale soft plastic.

While I don't care about 16th Century Italians, as such, my intention is to use these with my Conquistadors in the New World.

I will mix them in with my Spanish figures.  I have a lot of ships that need crews.

And like the Spanish, I am not too concerned about where they come from.

I have read these are supposed to be for a galley, but I think most will work for rowing ships boats too.

The others can work the rigging and the deck.

Crews of sailing ships from the Mediterranean Sea often were mixed from many lands.

Drummer may get transferred to the Zulus, or Aztecs, or other native peoples, after a suitable head swap!

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