Monday, January 22, 2018

Pack Train

A while back I wanted to do some pulp action wargaming.

Everyone said you can't do that in 1/72nd scale.

All the good pulp stuff is in 28mm.

I realized after looking through my collection that that assertion was simply not true.

First off, I wanted a horse and mule and donkey supply train.

My force was going to do an expedition into a lost world.

Not unlike that where King Kong and dinosaurs are found.

Since you gotta carry supplies in a trackless wilderness, I elected for pack animals.

I pulled horses and mules and donkeys from Pegasus, Airfix, Atlantic and others.

Then I painted them up.

Here is the whole train.


Paul´s Bods said...

Great stuff. Who said No way of doing Pulp in 1/72nd..there´s loads of stuff. I´ve considered doing it myself..I got as far as painting up a few sets for an Imagi-Nation called Khandibah but it stalled somehow.

Phil said...

A beautiful collection of mules!

Mike Creek said...

Paul, a lot of people say Pulp can only be done in 28mm, but I disagree.

Mike Creek said...

Thank you Phil.