Saturday, November 4, 2017

Renault FT

World War One US Army tank goodness.  About 64 Renault 17 tanks.

A two man tank made by Renault in WWI and by the US also in the First World War.  We had hundreds and hundreds of them in the inventory and they were active until 1932.

Then they were placed in war reserve status and held there until about 1940 when they were sold to Canada for the price of scrap, even though most were operational.  They used them for training; a bit of sneaking around to avoid those Neutrality Laws.  That also means that had the Germans or Canadians for that matter, invaded the USA, prior to 1940, the good old Renault FT could have served in combat again!


Syl said...

This collection is very impressive.

Mike Creek said...

Thank you Syl. Check out some of the older posts, there is more to impress you!