Thursday, November 2, 2017

Cold War US Army

As I pack the boxes I am getting a chance to see some vehicles that have been in storage for a while.
US Army Roco M113 and various M48 series tanks.

Trucks, Gamma Goats, and M114 recon vehicles.

An M113 armored infantry battalion.

These are scheduled for some repairs, upgrades, and organization in late 2018.

One project is to make a few vehicles that saw little or no service.  The US Army experimented with many different versions of these vehicles during the Cold War.


Bob G. said...

You NEVER cease to amaze me at the sheer NUMBER of miniature vehicles you have in your collection.
That's just amazing (and probably expensive...heh).

Carry on.

Phil said...

Most impressive collection, but there is no more room to store others! Anyway, splendid vehicles!

Mike Creek said...

Thanks G, buy a vehicle here and a vehicle there and in 59 years suddenly there is a lot of them!

Mike Creek said...

You are right Phil, that's why I am moving!