Monday, November 6, 2017


MRS Bunkermeister and I have retired and moved to Scottsville, Kentucky, USA.  Right now we are living in a two star motel, and the collection, as well as our household goods, are in storage sheds.

My computer access is wonky so I have not been able to post for the last ten days or so, but I finally managed to get the computer up and I hope to be able to post photos again soon.

Prior to leaving Southern California, I stopped by both Pegasus Hobbies, in Montclair, CA, and Brookhurst Hobbies in Garden Grove, CA.  Both of them gave me some smoking great deals on my very large "goodbye" hobby purchases.  I have been going to Brookhurst since 1974 and Pegasus Hobbies for at least 25 years so not having direct access to them will be a huge change.

I also picked up a few items at the Dinosaur Farm, in South Pasadena, it's right on Mission Street, across from the Police Department.  I managed to pick up a few flying reptiles and you can bet they will appear here soon.  I already took a few pictures but transferring them from the camera to the computer is a bit sketchy right now, my cables are packed someplace!

Thanks for all the great comments, hope to have more for you soon.


Gary Panter said...

sorry to sound ignorant ignorant what does that mean?

Mike Creek said...

Gary Panter, bREAK was supposed to be an indication to me that I had stopped blogging after this date and so I needed to re-start on this date. I knew in September that I would be off line for an unknown length of time and so I blogged ahead for them to post as normal for a few weeks, automatically. I had anticipated that you would not see that headline because I had hoped to be back to regular posting by then. Should be back, perhaps as early as tomorrow.

Gary Panter said...

thanks Mike well get yourself settled in and squared awayand let us hear from you as soon as you can

Mike Creek said...

Okay, Gary Panter, I am settled in and nearly squared away. So back to regular posting!