Sunday, November 5, 2017

WWII and Post War US Army

American WWII M7 Priest self propelled guns and the rest of the battalion.

It takes a lot of ammo trucks to keep these guns supplied.

I got a few of them right here.

Armored infantry battalion, mostly Roco M3A1 halftracks.

Many have the 37mm anti-tank gun.  Not that great for tanks in WWII but pretty good against everything else.

Many of these are loaded down with ladders, boxes, crates and other junk.

It takes a lot of supplies to keep an army moving.

That's true post war also, here a modern towed 155 howitzer unit, with a few MLRS in the background in resin.

This group included Fidelis Models supplies, Roco vehicles, Hot Wheels, some generic toys and some long out of  production resin kits.


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Blimey, what a haul. I'm jealous. Thanks for the viewing.

Philip Atkinson said...

I have nearly as many awaiting repair

shotgun6 said...

Where did those bright green fast attack vehicles (8th picture down) come from?? Very cool!

Mike Creek said...

Thank you Service Ration.

Mike Creek said...

I feel your pain Philip. Last year I spent months repairing T34 tanks. I cast resin hatches, and bow machine guns, and fuel tanks to replace lost parts. It was worth it, they are much better now!

Mike Creek said...

shotgun6 you have a clever eye. Those are GI Joe toys, I think they were a Happy Meal or some other strange item. They are well over 10 years old.