Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Work Table

This is my work space.  My favorite glue for styrene is the Model Master in the black bottle.

The metal tube allows careful placement of the glue.  The tube is cleaned using small wires that are included in the package.  I tape the wires to the side with blue tape so they don't get lost.  I use cutting boards to keep the work surface from being damaged.

I often work on several projects at once, Batmobile, aircraft and others.

This is a T-wall.  I made it out of plastic as a master model to resin cast.


tsold3000 said...

You should show some of your Air Forces. Do you paint the planes? your work area is a lot neater than mine.

Mike Creek said...

Tsold3000, I do paint my planes and my vehicles. Eventually. Those were Douglas World Cruiser aircraft I was working on in the background. The US Army accepted several into service as recon planes and they served right up to the edge of WWII. My work area is U shaped, that's only one leg of the three. Keeping clean and free of debris is almost a full time job!