Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Streletes Romanian Army

Romanians fought on the German side of WWII until the Russians began to overwhelm them, then Romania changed sides and fought on the Russian side against Germany.

Like many nations, Romania was not ready for WWII and so had inadequate equipment.

Still, their soldiers fought bravely for as long as their supplies held out; and that's all you can ask of any army.

I commend Strelets for making Romanian WWII figures.  These and the HaT set are the only ones in plastic.

Some troops continued to fight on the German side, even after the nation was taken over by the Soviet Union.

Their distinctive head gear makes them obvious on the wargame table.

While I don't collect the Romanian Army as such, I did want a few to support my German units.

These flash free figures from Strelets are just fine for that role.

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